Our Approach

Functional Neurology

Clinical Nutrition


The examination and treatments available at the Concussion Center of Massachusetts are based on functional neurology, a discipline that builds on clinical neuroscience and uses specific strategies to help improve or re-establish optimal neurological processes. For individuals who are dealing with sports concussion related injuries, the board certified chiropractic functional neurologists at the Concussion Center of Massachusetts and ChiroPro Performance Center can provide carefully determined, safe, and appropriate care to improve neurological function and enhance quality of life.

All new patients receive an initial comprehensive intake and examination. Your doctor will thoroughly explain your exam and test results at the Review of Findings to determine if you are a candidate for care. Based on these findings, your doctor and rehab team will work together to create an individualized treatment strategy that will address your specific challenges and optimize your highest potential for recovery.

This may include brain-based neurological rehabilitation training, structural/musculoskeletal treatment, nutritional support, and school or work accommodations. As needed, we will coordinate with your athletic trainer, coach, or medical team to optimize a progressive return to play protocol to assure you are ready to get back to your sport in a safe and healthy manner.

Dr. Lynn M. Carlson and Dr. Brian Sass explain the methods they use to diagnose and treat traumatic brain injuries.