Functional Neurology

The examination and treatments available from Dr. Carlson and Dr. Sass at ChiroPro Performance Center are based on functional neurology, a discipline that builds on clinical neuroscience and uses various strategies to help improve or re-establish optimal neurological processes. A functional neurological approach can provide carefully determined, cautious, and safe care that holds the prospect of potentially improving neurological function.These interventions can include various sources of input through visual, physical, and other neurologic channels. Therapeutic goals are determined by a thorough examination, assessment, review of records and consultation with the patient and additional specialists, as required.  Dr. Lynn Carlson and Dr. Brian Sass are Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists with additional Fellowship certification in Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

Most of our patients have been through many other types of care programs, and still struggle to live within the limits imposed by their injuries. After a careful intake process and examination, our clinical staff will discuss treatment options with you and, if there is a reasonable expectation of clinical improvement, offer you the option of continuing under care. Every person is unique so it is impossible to predict how responsive individuals may be to functional neurological applications. This uniqueness is an important attribute of our individuality, but it also means that no two people respond to care in exactly the same manner. However, the human body is a wonderful, marvelous creation; it is capable of being self-organizing and self-healing and our approach to treatment embraces the possibility for greater neuroplasticity and improved function of the nervous system.

We take pride in our ability to offer innovative, science-based approaches in the attempt to address what, for many, are profound limitations in their function and quality of life. We look forward to partnering with you and your support community to explore what your individual responses may bring to your life and your future.